Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day Traditions...

Mother's Day is Sunday. To all the mom's out there, enjoy your day!! As an aunt, I always try to send my sister a card, who I happen to think is an amazing mom. Having watched her girls at various ages and for various lengths of time, it has given me a true sense of appreciation for motherhood. It's a ton of work! As a single gal, I get to leave (eventually) and no one asks me "what's next?" 20 times a day. My mother passed away almost 10 years ago now, but I still have fond memories our mother's day traditions. I'm not sure why mother's day and brunch seem to go hand in hand, but they did in our family too. Actually, we gave our mom breakfast in bed. Mostly just cereal at that young age, but it is the thought the counts, right?! What fun traditions do you share in your family for mother's day?! Picinic? A day mom doesn't have to do any cooking? Are you passing on the traditions from generation to generation? I hope so, because that is what kids remember most, things that are consistent year after year. Traditions. Happy Mother's Day! Ciao. Ciao.

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