Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday gifts for kids

It is just a few days away from my nieces birthday, she'll be 6. Since I have no kids of my own, how am I suppose to know what to get her?! Even though they like to talk on the phone, it is always short and you have to be the one to constantly ask the questions. So last time I talked to my niece I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She was drawing a blank, so I told her to think about it and mail me a list. This way she can send me mail, have to work on her spelling and practice her penman ship all at the same time. She sent me a nice list, and while the spelling wasn't all correct...I'll give her some slack, since she is only 6...I got few ideas. To help with the ideas (or to fill in the gaps for you) check out Uncle Dan has something that every little one will enjoy, and it even sorts by age for faster shopping. Also a great back up plan in case you don't have time to have a phone conversation, receive a list and run around to find it yourself. You can still be the best aunt/uncle/grandparent etc and get the birthday gift delivered on time! Ciao. Ciao.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recycled crafts

Going green benefits us all, but mostly the children in our lives as they are in it for the long haul. Thus I can't help but still focus on "green" stuff. Every child likes to make something from nothing...and since we all know they love mail too, how about showing them how to make an envelope out of a magazine page?! Here is the link, so they can learn it from you. Take my advice, as you might want to try a practice one when the kids aren't watching! The site also lead you through quite a few other fun recycled craft ideas as well. Happy to pass along all the great things I find just to help keep you as the "fun" relative. Enjoy. Ciao. Ciao.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free recycled gifts

Sometimes being the spoiling auntie/grandparent/uncle can get expensive! Now when it comes to the younger kids, I think they are just happy to get things and don't often notice the "newness" of it. Thus I like to search frequently to see what is available for my nieces. They often have some big stuff like swing sets or simple things like black patten leather shoes. We all know when it comes to kids clothes, they grow so fast that clothes/shoes often only get 1 or 2 wearings. I have the things shipped to me, and then re-package them in colorful tissue with a note and mail them off. I not sure if they get more excited about getting mail or what is inside the box. Just trying to help everyone save a buck, especially if you have a long list of nieces, nephews or grand children. Happy Shopping. Ciao. Ciao.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cooking with kids

Always a fun activity to do with kids is cooking! Plus I think it helps that they want to eat (taste) what they make, even if it is healthy. If you have really little ones, they still want "uppy" to watch and be a part of what you are doing. Give them a non-breakable bowl and a wooden spoon so they can pretend, and will feel part of the action. There are many great books out there to help if you aren't a cook yourself. I like the new one, "Cooking It In a Cup" because it comes with bright colorful silicon cups that the kids cook in. These are also a good means of portion control for kids. A fun book to show up with the next time you visit, and an activity to boot! Happy Cooking. Ciao.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Mermaids

Spring Break has now come and gone but not without a couple of firsts. With the use of a little bribery, I got my older niece to dive off the diving board for the first time! We had some friends in the pool who had really cool water toys for diving and she wanted a set of the toypedos for herself. So I told her if she dove off the diving board, I'd get her a set. Thanks heavens for web search engines! Check out to find some of the water toys for your little ones. The toys have been ordered and I'll mail them up to her along with a 'great job' swimming note. My younger niece, put her head all the way under the water for the first time and as a result she will getting a set of goggles with a similar 'great job' note. Naturally, the packages have to be mailed separately because the girls each like to get their own mail. What fun it is to be around for a few of the first...even if it does take 'auntie' bribery! Ciao. Ciao.