Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dress Ups

Last week we discussed 'Fancy Nancy' and she is all about the dress ups. I wanted to expand on that idea with something I did for my nieces who love to play dress ups. The first time I showed up with dress ups (aka old "fun & frilly" clothes, hats etc) I brought them a big storage box too. This was to start the collection of dress ups that I knew that would grow, plus keep my sister happy. She is one of those that everything needs to have a proper place of storage, aka neat freak. Which still perplexes do you do that with 2 kids?! Anyway, now when I show up I have something fun to add to the box. Since I have pretty much cleaned out my closet, I'm working my way around the thrift stores etc. You can find some fun boxes at the container store or just cover a old 2 piece box with some fun wrapping paper. The dress up box is such a fun thing to collect for little girls. Sorry not sure about what the nephews like to collect at this age, as I don't have any.....yet. Don't forget to play dress up with them! Have fun. Ciao. Ciao.

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