Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

Traditions are something kids look forward to, and it just has to be consistant. I'm fortunate to live in California and my nieces are in Portland. Last year they came down to California for Spring Break, and are doing so again this week. It is becoming a tradition, and my sister tells me they are counting the hours until they leave the rain. I have had to call to remind them to keep there room clean (per my sister) if they want to go to Legoland. I think Legoland (outside of San Diego) is a tad more suited for younger kids, and like to mix it up. Last year was Disneyland. Lines get crazy, but the joy on the little faces is worth it all. Roller Coasters for the first time are always a thrill....just tell them it is like a really, really fast slide. If you aren't able to get away, perhaps the tradition is a picnic at the beach or park every year. Just something out of the ordinary that they look forward too. Ciao. Ciao.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing first tooth...

How exciting for my niece to lose her first tooth!! Naturally, she had to send me a picture, via the internet. Gotta love technology today. My sister tells me the tooth fairy leaves a dollar these days, but Aunt Nancy can do anything. For me it is just another occassion to send her some mail and make her feel special. Plus I love the opportunity to spoil. Found a great little purchase at that every little one is sure to love! Plus easy for mom to make sure she can find the tooth....under the pillow can easily get lost. I think this is something my nieces can share too. I'll gamble, and assume they both won't lose a tooth on the same day! I'm a big believer in floss, so I might have to include that in my package as well. Ciao. Ciao.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patrick's Day is coming...

Green, green and more green. Did you get something fun out in the mail to those you love? Everyone loves mail!! Especially when it is not a bill. Temporary tattoos (shamrocks?) are particular fun to and adults love them, and you can never have enough. If you tried the pink milk idea for Valentine's Day, keep the tradition going and add green food coloring to the milk on the 17th. Surprise! This would also be a good day to try "green eggs and ham"....books into reality. Whatever way you celebrate in your family, make it a great day!

Pass this one along to a child you know....
What is Irish and stays out all night?
Patty O'Furniture

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Games for the dinner table

Last time I visited my nieces, I was taught a wonderful game at dinner. In the center of the table was a pretty box and inside of it were slips of paper. The girls got to pick out one the folded pieces of paper, which I read. "If I need to get up from the table for any reason, I will asked to be excused first" I learned that other ones include no elbows on the table, talking with your mouthful etc. If anyone was caught doing the "unmentionable" they had to do 5 sit ups or pushups at the end of the meal. Can you tell, my sister is a fitness gal! It was really fun to see how much my nieces (4, and almost 6) love this game. They say the best part is catching mom and dad! My sister found this game on her favorite site, I wish it was a game I got to bring to the table, but perhaps you can! Ciao. Ciao.