Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time for a visit...

Happy Wednesday! I'm very excited, as on Friday I'm heading off to visit my nieces. When I visit, I love some of the traditions I have created. For one, they come and wake me up in the morning (usually earlier than I would like...but I remind myself I'm only there for the weekend and can sleep in when I'm home) and we read books in bed and eat goldfish. Sometimes we even play math games with the goldfish, depending on how many I want to eat before coffee. Wonderful learning lessons. Good news is the girls always look forward to this, bad news...big trouble if I should I ever forget the goldfish! Which reminds me, I have to head to the store now! Another thing I do occasionally is ask the flight attendant for the activity books. Not something I do all the time, but since the price is right (aka free) and the girls always have fun coloring and doing the activities, it's a no brainer. They even get a kick out of getting the little bags of peanuts! I'm finding out it is all the little things that make the big impact. Ciao. Ciao

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