Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Count down to Valentine's Day

So what fun things to you have planned for tomorrow, February 14th? It is a great day to remind those people you love just how important they are in your life. Remember it is most often the little things you do that will have the biggest impact and be remembered over time. Some of which might even form a tradition. Personally, I prefer to do the fun putting food coloring in the milk, so *surprise* when they pour it out on their breakfast cereal they have pink milk! If you are lucky enough to have your nieces or nephews near by, how about leaving a fun trail of paper hearts (or heart confetti) to a little surprise. fyi...if you don't want to cut out the hearts yourself, you can certainly buy no excuses. I don't live in the snow, but could you put red food coloring in a water bottle and spray it, so they could find a red heart in the snow when they walk out the door?? If you try that, let me know if it works! If they live far away, I hope you have already sent your Valentine's card...but there is always FedEx! Remember kids love to get mail! Until next week. Ciao. Ciao.

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Mego said...

I like the food coloring idea. It's simple and dramatic. You can also add sprinkles to pancakes in the morning!