Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Send mail to Grandparents

Most kids like to color, and if they are anything like my nieces, they can go through a pad of paper in a day! But what do you do with all those drawings? A refrigerator is only so big. Well, how many of those drawings are you sending to the grandparents? They were raised without e-mail and I think snail mail holds a high value with them and something they look forward to receiving. It is just not the same to scan it and e-mail it over. A friend who has a grandmother in an retirement home, say drawings and pictures from the grand kids are like every one's trophy wall. The more you have the bigger your smile. If your kids are older, and not as into drawing anymore you can still send mail to your parents. Trudy Triner provides you a fun list of easy things to send on her site Old or young, make someone smile today with the gift of mail. Ciao. Ciao.

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