Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Countdown....

December has descended upon us so fast this year! But I know for kids it can never come fast enough! The countdown until Christmas morning. A couple of years ago I started an advent calendar for my nieces. I found one that had little boxes and I stuff those boxes with chocolates kisses, mini-ornaments, red & green hair scrunchies etc. My nieces love it. I know my sister uses it as a reward sometimes....clean you room, then you can open today's box. Advent calendars are easy to or even on just search for Advent calendar. If you don't have time to "stuff" your own, many come prestuffed. It is not too late to get one today....they still get 15 days to open goodies, or look for one on sale at the end of the month and save it until next year! Have fun. Ciao. Ciao.

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